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We help Fortune 1000 companies, national policy-makers, and social entrepreneurs to make sense of 21st Century knowledge-sourcing...the new paradigm of SQ-spiritual intelligence learning models at accelerated higher-conductivity."


New Definition Leadership®

We offer unique and distinct consciousness education learning material for today's earnest and sophisticated leaders seeking to master 21st Century knowledge sourcing. And make a difference in the world by translating SQ (spiritual intelligence) co-creative power by accessing their implicit leadership purpose blueprint so they can understand themselves in a truer way at a critical time in history. Science proves new physics and energies are available for use on the planet (Tiller, 2008) which means acceleration is the new normal. Leaders have never been here before—a global transformational era of consciousness evolution.

NDL Wholistic Business Empowerment Frameworks are based on sound theories, models, and perspectives. These Five Wholistic Assumptions© concern Implicit Business Intelligence© translation leveraging 21st Century knowledge sourcing:

(1) The wholistic organization is organic; (2) Intangible-implicit resources exist within the organization at every level, which can be effectively translated and mapped into explicit knowledge factors and actionable knowledge utilization.  (3) Wholistic techniques can be taught/learned.  (4) Everyone involved will experience and demonstrate wholistic competencies and tools which will guide the company into new directional congruency, and shape a 'shared legacy' among all.  (5) All stakeholders will benefit from wholism in business enterprise through greater relational relevance and connectivity (©Kashewa). 

SQ Translation Expertise

SQ is not EQ! You don't need an expert to teach emotional intelligence but you do for spiritual intelligence! Why? Because these learning realms are on altogether different levels of awareness and understanding. We are the expert in SQ-translation because we possess the authentic giftset and ability to facilitate immersion and depth of intuitive, transformative, and revelatory knowledge-sourcing. We have 30-years professional spiritual consultation experience and the ethical reputation you can trust.


21st Century Workforce Learning

Our immersion teachings break fractured non-virtuous cycles of perception, learning, and advancement. Workforce learning participants engage wholistic business empowerment conceptual theories, frameworks, and new core competencies that capitalize upon actionable spiritual intelligence.

"Spiritual and transpersonal knowing, holistic, affective, artistic learning, and reflective synthesis" (AAACE 2010 Handbook)..are aspects of 21st Century Adult Learning.        ~The American Association Adult Learning & Continuing Education

Our consciousness education programming is up with the times!


Exclusive content and licensing terms available:

SQ Spiritual Intelligence  
5 Ideals of 21st Century Leadership                                     
Conscious Business Core Values
Exploration and Clarification Processes
5 Phases of Transformative Power
4 Laws of 21st Century Reformation
Empathic Learning
Implicit Business Intelligence                                

Our Guarantee

We guarantee a vital comparative advantage with expert Intuitive Business Analysis, effectively transitioning your workforce into the next steps of transformative power at the forefront of organizational development and business enterprise. As content distinction providers for customized workforce learning outcomes we ensure that knowledge sharing contributors are inspired for

new direction and capability through exploiting Implicit Business Intelligence© serving the entire organizational teaching platform.

We rely upon current relevant research and best practices espoused by the American Association for Adult Learning and Education, equipping us to offer the best in contemporary e-learning analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation. And we stay abreast of SHRM: Human Resources Industry.

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We offer 8-week/20-week intensives at multiple annual enrollment periods and affordable employee subscription rates so workforce investment is easy.

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You can't target what you can't see...That's our job!

Knowledge-transfer, value measuring, impact translation, and actionable utilization for the expressed purposes of expedited execution remains as the key concerns for companies today. 


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