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We help Fortune 1000 companies, national policy-makers, and social entrepreneurs make sense of 21st Century knowledge-sourcing...the new paradigm of SQ-spiritual intelligence immersion learning models at accelerated higher-conductivity."

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Teaching Video #1: "Prepared, Enabled, and Calibrated"

Acceleration is the new normal! A quick introduction to the transformational leadership learning material we offer at the Urban Matrix Project. Here is the larger context for unlocking your unique and distinct leadership purpose blueprint (encoded messages) often translated as the certain passions, imaginings, and urges you experience. The strong desire to make a difference in the world. Those deposits placed in your heart, mind, soul, and spirit that can be accessed by the intuitive, transformative, and revelatory knowledge or spiritual intelligence (SQ).


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The continuous attainment of new definitions of leadership learning and modeling at a critical time in history is to walk out importance, purpose, and possibility.

~Violet Kashewa, CEO, Intuitive Business Analyst Expert


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