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Urban Matrix Project civic engagement blended learning is an RSVP only sliding-fee 12-week public training program.

Once you become a recognized member in the Matrix ...we will provide you membership log-in access. You can request your urban project of any type be added to our database so you can enjoy a FREE visibility link on our website and get notifications about the great deeds of our participants doing good in the world.

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About Urban Matrix...12-Week Civic Engagement Public Training

Reserve your space via RSVP $179-$299 p/person.

Experience visionary impulses and shifts! this transformational leadership capacity building and civic engagement public training program helps you, your agency or team learn 21st Century urban impact concepts, theories, methods, frameworks, and competency to activate new paradigm aptitudes. Inspire and catalyze innovation and co-creative solutions for your target objectives and goals!


Blended Instructor-Led Training

❖ Action Research
❖ Immersion Facilitation
❖ Guest Expert Speakers

Networking Opportunity Award Program & Scholarship Opportunity

We enroll 200 event participants who pay at the door so be sure to arrive early. Cooperative workspace visitors and tenants, sponsors, and partners are included.

2017 Urban Matrix EXPO


Award Program & Scholarship Opportunity

Panel-pitch your "urban impact" project to our guest experts!

Expo vendor-registration reserves your seat. Attend the civic engagement activities, meet the entry criteria, and be qualified for a cash award at the end of the 12-week public training for your urban impact project. We offer priority to Washington State Native American First People, academic undergraduate or graduate students, active urban leaders. And honor the visionary voices of homeless youth and every ethnic perspective that speaks life to power of place.

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Tell us about your urban project focus and how best we can promote your good in the world. We will send you registration forms, community expo vendor map, and other requirements. Contact Us! (408) 916-1609. Email: