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4 Game-Changer Steps!

Urban Matrix Project Visionary Platform Incubator

STEP #1: Review Our Website

Please review the Urban Matrix Project Showcase impact categories below our "Welcome" video, and other site pages to get a feel for who we are and how you may belong here!

Learn about the cooperative workspace benefits and features...or simply submit your project listing in our free member directory..and forego all the perks. You can also signup for our monthly newsletter to stay informed about our good in the world. Or suggest a category if you do not see the one listed that matches your vision.

STEP #2Quick Phone Interview: Let's Discuss Your Vision

To belong in the Urban Matrix Project Washington State you must "pick up the telephone" and connect with us. This is a private and confidential call to discuss your urban project idea and impact vision. Our contact page provides email correspondence to schedule a best day and time that works for you.

Obviously, we want to meet you! And get to know you as a prospective match ...workspace dynamics, the right type of project support, our facilitation expertise, and other details. Call today: 408.916.1609

STEP #3:  Community Rules Agreement

To belong in the Urban Matrix Project Washington State you must understand our guidelines so please click the link to read and agree to all community rules

We made require a copy of your business or professional license, liability insurance, or other documents that we will keep confidential and secure in a records management system albeit public information that can or should be shared.

STEP#4:  Submit Your Urban Impact Project Material

The last step... to belong in the Urban Matrix Project Washington State, and receive all cooperative workspace rental benefits and features described on our website (limits apply for walk-in daily use) your urban project MUST have a real, substantive, and engaged social impact parameter serving any county in Washington State. Or the globe!

Note: We did not advise that your vision must be "realistic" because we know what we are inspiring and catalyzing in visionaries for success outcomes. You may be in dreaming or "idea generation" stages.

But you must submit a 1-page prospectus or business plan showing you have thought through a general strategy and how to proceed. Or this criteria can also be met via the following project forms: a community interest letter from an individual, academic source, or other agency-institution of any type who knows and supports you in some way; or portfolio, video, blueprint, or social media activity screenshot showing project focus conversations; or another medium or form of your plan, etc. Have some fun...We think outside the paradigm box!

Contact us if you want to talk about your project:  408.916.1609.

Submit project details by email:

Thank you!