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New Definition Leadership®LLC: Violet Kashewa, Intuitive Business Analyst

dba/Urban Matrix Project, WA, 98406. Contact Us 408.916.1609.


Advance Scheduling Required

15% Discount

Investment Pricing Options

We offer gateway-to-development progression learning via expert immersion-facilitation and teachings, frameworks, methods, tools, and techniques for transformational leadership and conscious workforce and business value creation. And we offer a discount to business promoting workforce learning equality for the underserved, and returning veterans, women-governed, start-up, or non-profit organizations demonstrating social impact. We freely disclose investment information below to prospective clients. Request our Prospectus, Workforce Learning Guide, or Corporate Sponsorship downloadable PDF's (inclusive of policies/procedures and code of ethics).

Intuitive Business Analysis

$1,400 p/Hour Medium-Large [100+Ee's] AND $900 p/Hour Small Business

VIP Private Impact Laser Coaching/Event Panelist

$300 p/Hour Executive Leadership>See Below Business Analysis


$2,500 30-Minute Minimum/$4,500 60-Minutes

Board Directorship Annual Assignment

Negotiable p/Agreement plus Travel-Lodging-First Class Airfare

Corporate Day Events [8 Hours]

$15,000 p/day: Includes> Intuitive Business Analysis, Breakfast Keynote, Workforce Learning Modules, Findings Presentation, and Teleseminar plus 5-page report.

Workforce Learning Center Online Subscription [$199 p/person average.]

$40,000/ 8-Weeks/200 Ee’s

$100K/20-Weeks/500-5000 Ee’s

24/7 Fortune TV Programming Licensing

24/7 Programming License $5K/Mo./Site


Negotiable Rates p/Written Agreement Only

Evergreen Continuity Membership

Coming Soon!



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