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Class Schedule Begins August 12, 2017

Expert Business Psychic Violet Kashewa


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$499 Saturday 8 Series OR $67 Each Immersion Experience

16 Classes August ~September 10:30 AM & 1:00 PM Sessions Walk-In Okay


SQ & 21st Century Leadership Articles

Live Intuitive Business Analysis

($900 Value Full-Agenda 1 Hour Small Company)

❖   Unlock Your Leadership Purpose Blueprint

❖   21st Century Leadership Core Competencies       

icon_favorite_green_scroll_check.png❖  Intuition 4 Business                                    Violet_Kashewa_Author_Pic_50.jpg

❖  Leadership SQ

  Let Go False Beliefs 2 Possibility 

❖  Transformative Power Business Enterprise

❖  On-Site & Online Next-Level Advancement

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Registration Details...What's In It 4 U?

Critical knowledge-sourcing that quickly propels your social impact project or company to higher-ground!

Seriously...we love "the why" we are focused on the destiny of 21st Century Leadership. Come to life-changing transformational learning immersion classes that ignite importance, purpose, and possibility. Set yourself and your team or workforce on an action path to redefined relevance. Participants pay in advance via register link... and ... receive the 1st Session FREE! Courses onsite and remote $67.00 per class 1-hour, or $499 for 16 available sessions morning and evening that you may attend from August 12 through September 30, 2017. 

Participants get priority extended access replays posted to our member content portal on our website!

Additional class time allowed for live audience Intuitive Business Analysis.


Host Violet Kashewa Business Psychic 

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Participants Get    Live Intuitive Business Analysis/ FREE e-Book:  Leadership Purpose Essentials

                           Questions? Connect Now...408.916.1609  Or email:  info@urbanmatrix.us

Expectations          Participants can expect to learn how to unlock, interpret, and translate their unique and distinct leadership purpose blueprint, encoded messages, and original spiritual mission exemplified in the world as the authoritative influence or change agent. And identify, access, and use their SQ-spiritual intelligence to create value, redefine, and advance personal-professional, and corporate (collaborative) opportunity in the marketplace. And for the benefit of a global citizenship. You will walk away with actionable new knowledge-sourcing tools and skills. And as time allows receive live Intuitive Business Analysis from the expert.

Learning Level       Curious, sophisticated leader, workforce learner, change agent, board director, policy-maker, executive, manager, professional, spiritual seeker, knowledge-worker, employee. Beginning-advanced technical skill for online learning platform LMS component. 16 years of age and older. Immersion format; public sharing, networking.

Course Series Take-Away Points         

  •  Gain insight and clarity into your unique and distinct leadership purpose.
  •  Identify encoded messages for empowerment and professional influence.
  •  Experience deepened self-knowledge, perception demonstration, and co-creative power.
  •  Get in control of intangibles fast.
  •  Let go of limiting beliefs creating obstacles to success.
  •  Understand accelerated higher-conductivity learning models.
  •  Access SQ knowledge-sourcing: intuitive, transformative, revelational wisdom.
  •  Create compelling vision branding statements that chart partnership alignment and marketing strategy ...as a redefined route to relevance.

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Topic Subject Content Schedule/ 16 Saturday Sessions [10:30 am / 1:00 pm PST]  / Grouped by 2 Topics per Day

  1.  Overview 1st Session FREE: Functional Wholism Framework 
  2.  21st Century Leadership: Mindset, Core Competencies, and Value Creation
  3.  Power Exploration and Clarity Processes
  4.  Conscious Business: Global Organizational Spiritual Values
  5.  Scientific Evidence New Planetary Physics: Acceleration the New Normal
  6.  Transformational Process
  7.  9 Process Markers
  8.  Intuition 4 Business
  9.  Implicit Business Intelligence
  10.  Leadership SQ: Encoded Leadership Purpose Messages
  11.  SQ Knowledge-Sourcing: Intuitive, Transformative, and Revelatory Wisdom
  12.  Live Intuitive Business Analysis/Audience Readings

Note:                       Events are videotaped for live streaming and program sharing marketing purposes. No class material costs. Group coaching calls or hourly team-training and full-agenda expert Intuitive Business Analysis additional cost via online payment platform. See Pricing & Investment page. And satisfaction testimonies. No Smoking/Fragrance.

Urban Matrix Project Events are NO Smoking/FRAGRANCE FREE


PLEASE... Do not consume tobacco directly prior to our events and avoid personal vanity products and perfume to respect the chemical sensitive.

Summer Saturday Series introduces prospective corporate executives, national policy makers, social impact entrepreneurs, and urban change agents to the visionary platform-teaching material you can expect when you join the Urban Matrix Project Cooperative Workspace.


Project Mentoring by CEO, Violet Kashewa, Intuitive Business Analyst Expert.

View our many webpages to learn more...18 urban impact categories from architectural innovation to youth incarceration listed in Project Showcase. Please note the classroom vendor refund guidelines, and our policies and standard disclaimer. Prices subject to change with 7-day notification.

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