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 21st Century Leadership



...a heavenly perspective of 21st Century leaders in the new millennium.

 Unlock your leadership purpose blueprint!

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 Leaders have never been here before. Acceleration is the new normal!

Spiritual gifts and anointing, life calling, and heavenly commission are encoded leadership purpose messages vested in the self-actualized leader. The SQ spiritually intelligent leader prepared, equipped, and calibrated who wields spiritual influence for the challenges of our era. Twenty-first century transformational leaders are the spiritually activated change agents invested in the new paradigm of SQ spiritual intelligence immersion experiences and accelerated learning models at higher-conductivity. Science proves new physics are available for use on our planet. Spiritually charged atmospheric conditions...The time is right now, to walk-out the next steps of importance, purpose, and possibility at a critical time in history.

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About the Book

Understand your leadership purpose blueprint—the why you do the what!

Are you ready to up-level to tri-dimensional amplitude required now in the 21st Century so you may completely fulfill importance, purpose, and possibility at a critical time in history? These pages will serve to inspire and catalyze an awareness of how to apply yourself more deeply and authentically to your leadership role. Learn to access, unlock, and translate SQ-competency.

❖ The transformational leaders' true identity.

Encoded spiritual purpose messages.

10 leadership purpose signatures.

❖ 21 stages for conscious, evolutionary, and accelerated leaders.    

Information-packed reading material for sophisticated 21st Century Leaders ready to up-level visionary co-creative spiritual power in your personal-professional life and your company.                          

About Author

Violet Kashewa, expert Intuitive Business Analyst, 21st Century Leadership Keynote Speaker and Author, Leadership Purpose Essentials (New Definition Leadership®Press), breaks fractured non-virtuous cycles of leadership perception, learning, and advancement that have compromised true ability.

She effectively articulates subtle but powerful multidimensional intuitive, revelatory, and transformational aspects of SQ, human spiritual intelligence, to catalyze 21st Century knowledge-sourcing at the forefront of business enterprise and urban strategy solutions partnerships with a pioneering and reformative approach.             


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