2017 Urban Matrix Project Events


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Urban Matrix Project    

      Community EXPO

                    October 7 & 8, 2017

                 TACOMA WASHINGTON


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Urban Artists & Food Vendors

Public Interest Agencies     State Officials & Guest Experts

$10 General Admission

Vendor Pricing/per Day

 Print Criteria-Agreement

  $129 Referral & Information Material [2 Materials/1 Person]
  $179 Independent/Artist Showcase [4 Materials/2 Persons]
  $359 Booth/Demonstration OR Sponsorship [3 Materials/3 Persons]
  $459 Booth Share/Demonstration [2 Materials/4 Persons]
  $599 Food Vendor [Truck-Tent/4 Person Maximum]

Vendor Registration


Award Scholarship Opportunity

5 "Urban Impact Projects"... pitched to Guest Panel ... $1000 Award!

STEP #1...Reserve vendor booth by August 31st.

STEP #2...Submit project to online platform; we'll help create a matrix webpage.

STEP #3...Tell your fans, partners, and constituents about Urban Matrix Expo!

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October serves North/Southwest regions, and May the Central-Eastern regions. Event locations are an approximate 15-40 minute travel via I-5, 90, 405 and other easy routes. Child-friendly, and please leave pets at home except for registered service animals.


  • Sunday, June 04, 2017 at 01:00 PM
    Urban Matrix Cooperative Workspace Meeting Place

    City Prayer Walk

    WA_dove.jpgCity Prayer Walk Sundays 1pm

    Faith...is part of Urban life!

    Join Us

    Join us each Sunday 1PM... at the Urban Matrix Project in affirming intentional targeted prayer for Washington State. Urban environments are places of power. And everyone carries dreams alive in each of us to bring about the collective heart for generative outcomes...a co-creative action of love so necessary at a critical time in history. Let's rejoice together in sharing all faiths to establish and resonate the powerful energy currency for supernatural breakthroughs.

    Prayer Targets

    Increase in Signs, Wonders, and Miracles in the region.

    Washington State prophetic destiny fulfillment.

    Greater honor, respect, and healing for First Peoples.

    Peacemaking strategies for state, county, and city leadership.

    Protection for women, the ethnically diverse, and our youth.

    Meaning-making in gatekeeper narratives and state media.

    Corporate social responsibility accountability and reformation.

    Truth, value creation, and reconciliation in policing/incarceration institutions.

    Economic breakthrough for helping and service non-profits and schools.

    Add Suggestions

    Declare the reality of importance, purpose, and possibility right now!

    We become intentional, centering ourselves inwardly, upwardly, and outwardly with singing and words of powerful declaration to enliven our cities...touching buildings, schools, public offices, business, and various other structures. Or conjoin our hands in a circle of prayer for a particular need or cause needing resolve in a given place.

    All Are Welcome!

    Gathering Details: Urban Matrix Project Cooperative Workspace and other specified locations on Sundays at 1pm.

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    Facilitator: Violet Kashewa, expert Intuitive Business Analyst, CEO, Urban Matrix Project, and retired IMM Metaphysical Minister, invites thought-provoking considerations for targeted prayer to prophecy positive messages for our urban communities, and State. Prayer is an effective way to grow faith, community fellowship, and leverage manifest good each of us carry, harnessing the powerful unity of One Spirit to transform our urban places...and our world. Learn More...

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