2017 Urban Matrix Project Events


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   Community EXPO

   October 7 & 8, 2017



      En Español     

Urban Artists & Food Vendors

Public Interest Agencies     State Officials & Guest Experts

$10 General Admission

Vendor Pricing/per Day

 Print Criteria-Agreement

  $129 Referral & Information Material [2 Materials/1 Person]
  $179 Independent/Artist Showcase [4 Materials/2 Persons]
  $359 Booth/Demonstration OR Sponsorship [3 Materials/3 Persons]
  $459 Booth Share/Demonstration [2 Materials/4 Persons]
  $499 Food Vendor [Truck-Tent/4 Person Maximum]

Vendor Registration


Award Scholarship Opportunity

5 "Urban Impact Projects"... pitched to Guest Panel ... $1000 Award!

STEP #1...Reserve vendor booth by August 31st.

STEP #2...Submit project to online platform; we'll help create a matrix webpage.

STEP #3...Tell your fans, partners, and constituents about Urban Matrix Expo!

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October serves North/Southwest regions, and May the Central-Eastern regions. Event locations are an approximate 15-40 minute travel via I-5, 90, 405 and other easy routes. Child-friendly, and please leave pets at home except for registered service animals.


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