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Urban Matrix Project Education Fund...Our visionary leaders join national engagement to reform urban school funding inequity. We seek to pioneer transformative change in the policy narrative for empirical, actionable needs-solutions alignments toward formidable and realistic improvements ...transcending present-day resistance and hostility toward equal achievement. ~Violet Kashewa, CEO

Significant Ways We Contribute


Offer Professional Endorsement

Social Impact Entrepreneur Mentoring

We mentor New Millennium Leaders...those incredibly brilliant, dedicated, and courageously aspiring visionary urban change agents appointed to the calling of social justice learning. Then allocate to especial assignments throughout the solutions partnership grid.


Cutting-Edge Urban Analysis ❖ 

Our expert Intuitive Urban Analysis...catalyzes problem-space by quickly and effectively identifying the implicit-explicit "power of place" needs-solutions alignments for a given urban or regional environment. We ignite importance, purpose, and possibility in unrecognized generative outcomes.


Statewide Public Training

Urban Matrix Project Education Fund... serves scalable statewide, regional, and global achievement equity targeted goals as implemented by our social entrepreneur incubator Cooperative Workspace visionaries. UMP public training encompasses 21st Century knowledge-sourcing concepts and frameworks, action research practicum, community of practice networking, board director advisory, and social impact project capacity building and allocation serving institutional outcomes for the new paradigm of achievement equity engagement. And for meeting project award and scholarship aims as confirmed by our advisory council and 3rd-party fiscal oversight agent.


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