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Urban Matrix Project... We provide you affordable, safe, and dynamic cooperative workspace to realize your dreams for a better world! We are the only visionary platform social impact entrepreneur incubator to focus on unlocking the potential and promise of your unique and distinct leadership purpose. And teach on SQ... intuitive, transformative, and revelatory knowledge that is to be translated as global solutions at a critical time in history...a transformational era of consciousness evolution.

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Get Mentored by Violet Kashewa, Intuitive Business Analyst!

Cooperative Workspace Benefits

Walk-in guests, start-ups, and established urban projects of any "social impact" type are welcome. Monthly laptop openspace rates start at $149. Read below program 'perks' and simple guidelines. Cooperative workspace renters get a personal locker, free wifi, project mentoring, and an integrated highly-functional project-branded webpage with app features for grassroots causes, volunteering, civic campaigning, crowdfunding, events calendar, press releases, and more.

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10 Reasons Why Urban Matrix Project

Flexible Workspace...options!

Convenient Location...and parking!

Group Training...for the whole team!

Expert Executive Coaching...ignite your project!

Designated Webpage...super functional!

Project Mentoring...1x monthly!

High-speed Wifi...most necessary!

Private Lockers...for your convenience!

Onsite Barista & buy!

Events Showcase...onsite and online project visibility and networking!

Customize your project mentoring needs with a global leader.


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Affordable Monthly Rental Options

  • $ 15    Walk-in Daily Use
  • $ 149  Laptop Openspace
  • $ 199  Private Office Workspace
  • $ 249  PLUS Artist Gallery
  • $ 300  Group Training & Executive Coaching Hourly
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Visionary Youth Incubator Program

The Urban Matrix Project proudly offers a very special "dreamplace" for clear-minded young adults ages 16-25, who may be homeless, have guardian emancipation or parent independence needs or be transitioning 2nd-chance post-incarceration. You may freely engage your visionary ideas for a better world within a safe and dynamic cooperative workspace environment at no cost. You belong here!

Some of the most gifted are those who wander but are not lost. We want to ensure the opportunity for all voices to speak life into the solutions for our time. And we strongly believe the younger generation are those especially "spiritually prepared, equipped, and calibrated" to move in prophetic destiny without hesitation. The VYI is an inspired "labor of love" program positioned under the oversight of our fiscal sponsor, and is facilitated by Violet Kashewa, CEO, Retired IMM Ordained Metaphysical Minister, active urban minister.


Simple Guidelines:  Hours 8:00am-8:00pm Daily


  • Absolutely NO Tobacco OR Vaping...can't consume at all and be here, sorry!
  • Fragrance Free Environment...please respect chemical sensitive individuals.
  • All Ethnicities/Religions/Capability/Genders are welcome.
  • Service Animals Okay...if they are clean, non-aggressive, and QUIET.
  • Telephone Communications...keep it professional otherwise please go outside.
  • Waiver, Biz License, Liability AND Reference...required-additional p/approval.
  • Optional Weekly keep it real.

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Workspace Reservation & Waiting List

Renters can represent and showcase any type of urban focus project via our Nation Builder.But facility use is not provided for painting/ceramics-making, fire-kilns or other chemical-related or odorous products nor for large water containment or loose earthen materials, such as compost or soil due to general workspace liability prohibitions, chemical sensitive persons, and permit-zoning. We appreciate your compliance.

Thank you! 


Discrimination/Pricing/Services Trade Policy: We do not discriminate toward humans just smoking and perfume, however, we reserve the right to refuse facility services. Space is both reserved by renters and first-come walk-in basis. We maintain consistent pricing based on fair market value. And invite 3 business services trade positions per year (partial time) by written MOU. Let us know if you possess keen technology, publishing, social media, marketing, or other professional talent to promote our amazing gig!

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