1. Cooperative Workspace Rental Critera

    Welcome to the Urban Matrix Project! Criteria must be met in order to become and maintain a cooperative workspace renter. Renters whom elect designated desk/chair rates are required to commit to at minimum 90-days. You may place your project identifiers in your personal area. Rent payment date can be adjusted when possible; and can be temporarily negotiated if you have financial need based on CEO approval; rather than cancel if this can be avoided. Be sure to elect a cost you can afford. Termination must normally be submitted in writing by either party in 30-day period; however, we are willing to adjust terms via telephone if necessary. We are glad to provide a positive reference for you upon your departure; and you may return at any time under the same terms p/availability which means we won't charge a higher rate within a 12-month duration of previous standing unless you upgrade capacity. [Click.]

    [1] Please provide a copy of business license, photo identification, current contact information for notifications; sign hold-harmless and damage agreements in event you have a very bad day which we prefer not occur here. You will be required to also sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement if you are elected by the CEO to have access to the member content, database, or control permissions. [2] Park in designated areas only and do not sleep overnight or use our facility to cook or groom. [3] Not carry or store weapons, illegal substance, or overt chemical-based materials, large containment of water or earthen matter on the premises. [4] Not engage in sexual harassment or volatile behavior toward any individual. [5] Not be federally convicted of sexual assault or a weapons charge within 5 years of becoming a workspace renter. [6] Not have an active criminal warrant for your arrest nor be a fugitive. This request is different than if you are an undocumented citizen to which we will safeguard your privacy to the best of our promise. [7] Kindly engage at our monthly Urban Matrix Project "speak-up" to keep it real in authentic communications.

    Contact us for any reason:  info@urbanmatrix.us  Violet Kashewa, CEO: 408.916.1609.

  2. Walk-in Guests

    Walk-in guests may purchase an all day-pass for $10. Coffee and treats are extra...but the internet is free. And membership linkage via our Partner Network resource area is at no obligation. You are required to acknowledge our community rules. And sign-in so we can remind you to call your mother...and confidently call you by the wonderful name she likely gave you. Although we will not designate a member webpage for your 'day-use status' or allow you to utilize designated desk/chair areas intended for our renters you can find a comfortable spot. But if you do intend to be at the Urban Matrix Project more than 2X p/week, pay the Openspace rate to receive project mentoring and a designated webpage. You will not have control permission for internal databases or administrative action.

  3. No Smoking

    NO Smoking on Urban Matrix Project premises or parking lot. Cooperative workspace was established specifically to control exposure to tobacco smoke, chemicals, and phylate-perfumes because the CEO is a documented MCS disabled individual. Sorry, but we won't rent workspace to you if are a tobacco consumer. This also means no pervasive tobacco use on your clothing to subject cooperative workspace tenants or guests to secondary chemicals even if you are a regular walk-in user. We are much less concerned about medical cannabis use in an agreed upon location per patient rights verification. PLEASE ask your team or regular visitors to avoid tobacco consumption before arriving and to respect this critical rule.

  4. Fragrance Free Workspace

    Please see No Smoking rule. Thank you.

  5. Privacy

    Read Privacy Statement & Terms Of Service. Nation Builder platform records device and other analytic and input information due to social and API integration. Members must use log-in credentials and not share privacy information with others. Members must be over 14 years old; and not solicit the public under 13 years. Content must be legally your IP, clean, non-discriminatory, and ethical giving proper credit to contributors, etc. Urban Matrix monitors all member sites and technically administers member support.

  6. Solicitation

    Faith is a part of urban life and society. We are an interfaith safe space and allow prayer and general conversation about faith in the Urban Matrix Project. Solicitation of your "urban impact" project materials is allowed in our designated cooperative workspace area if you are a renter. But your friend's stuff is not. Regular guests and members listed in our Partner Network may also post material at our physical premises p/available space and CEO approval.

  7. Member Webpage

    Urban Matrix Project wants our cooperative workspace tenants to enjoy a designated "urban impact" customized webpage in the matrix. It is permission and integration limited. See privacy and dispute resolution rules. Membership linkage is FREE on our Partner Network page with no obligation. We monitor all member webpages and administer general support but are neither technicians nor in the website business. Please submit only high-quality profile/portfolio exhibits with 3 maximum articles, videos, prototypes, etc. Contact us with any questions or requests.

  8. Dispute Resolution

    Urban Matrix Project is an intellectual property of New Definition Leadership LLC., Violet Kashewa. NDL has a registered trademark with the USPTO; and is incorporated in Washington State. Disputes regarding member webpage usage, content, etc., are not managed via Nation Builder. CEO has training and certification in conflict resolution but we reserve the right to refuse service or to arbitrate or pursue legal action. In case of member incident please contact us in writing with specific information so we can work to quickly resolve disputes in a consistent legal and ethical manner. Contact Us:  info@urbanmatrix.us