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Urban Matrix Project offers greater visibility and liaison for urban impact projects in Washington State. A statewide clearinghouse to accelerate generative outcomes through transformational leadership capacity building, we amplify value creation and knowledge sharing that translates visionary importance, purpose, and possibility in alignment with the greater needs of society.


Solutions Partnership... Importance. Purpose. Possibility.

We accomplish the ideals of transformational leadership capacity building, and urban impact project allocation with expert Intuitive Business Analysis to drive story relevance for all stakeholders...linking visionary platforms to actionable use.

We lift up change agents so they effectively translate and allocate "leadership purpose blueprints" in myriad forms and manifestations vested in global influencers. With 30-years professional experience "unlocking human potential" for next-level accomplishment, we transfer this remarkable capability to all urban environments through "power of place" intuitive assessment expertise revealing unrealized transformative opportunities in solutions partnership.

Rent Cooperative Workspace

❖ State and county officials obligated to the regional oversight mandate.

University educators and researchers dedicated to new lines of inquiry.

❖ Future forward technical innovators and architectural strategists.

Native American Indian tribal councils and environmental protectors.

Art activists shouting expressive stories that "speak life" to the hearts and dreams of urban communities.

Public interest groups and non-profit organizations committed to peacemaking, equality and justice.

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21st Century Knowledge Sourcing

To reframe creative introspection and critical reflective exploration via action research and experiential learning discovery for all Washington statewide stakeholders. And produce higher-level conductivity solutions and risk-taking leveraging transformative leadership responses for the urgent needs of familiar and unfamiliar problems.

Story is the basic building block of urban life! We utilize intuitive, revelatory, and transformational aspects of consciousness at the forefront of urban storytelling to specify strategic processes for a new millennium because we are invested in the continuous attainment of "new definition of importance, purpose, and possibility" at this critical time in history to pursue and reclaim generative outcomes.

Washington State ~ County Initiatives

Sourcing opportunity to aggregate vital empirical facts and knowledge about capacity utilization for the state and many of nearly 40 counties supporting fiscal gatekeeper, media narrative, town-hall constituency, and a myriad program spectrum. Enrichment perspectives on governance strategic planning, operations, and multidimensional resource allocation  forecasting, ethics and needs alignment.

Public Institution ~ B2B Corporate ~501c3

Direct engagement in unique action research practicum, effective internship placement and community of practice networking, board director advisory and liaison. And community service development for decision-making relevance and solutions. Urban project focus fortifies existing frameworks for revenue modeling, trend analysis, and new innovations across partnerships.

Student ~ Grassroots ~ Professional

Project distinction promotion-visibility. Urban solution social impact scholarship award means deserving recognition among peers and statewide supporters. Give voice to 21st Century leadership, deep ecology, credibility in artistic expression, expert authorship, and civic demonstration with the heart of excellence.

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