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Urban Matrix Project

A Washington State solutions partnership. And visionary social entrepreneur incubator cooperative workspace committed to generative outcomes for the new millennium.

Our unique and distinct program showcases 18 urban impact categories that support economic vitality, equality and justice, technology and innovation, environmental stewardship, policy decision-making, community relational relevance, gatekeeper narrative, strategic-planning initiatives, and more. The Urban Matrix Project education fund joins national engagement toward achievement equity for our present and future vital societal contributors.

❖  Social Entrepreneur Incubator

❖  Power of Place Intuitive Urban Analysis

❖  Transformational Leadership Capacity Building

❖  Accelerated Knowledge-Sourcing Learning Models

❖  Education Fund Equity Achievement

❖  Global-Regional Solutions Partnership


21st Century Knowledge Sourcing

Unlock your leadership purpose! Ignite human potential and optimize next-level achievement with 30-years' professional expertise! How? SQ! Accurate and effective spiritual intelligence translation. 21st Century knowledge sourcing is... accelerated learning models at higher-conductivity.

Actionable intuitive, revelatory, and transformational wisdom elevates urban change gents as visionary influencers with new paradigm authority to out-lead new definitions of importance, purpose, and possibility at this critical time in history. Catalyze experiential learning, action research, and critical reflection leveraging generative responses for the urgent needs of familiar and unfamiliar problems.

Experience "power of place" expert Intuitive Urban Analysis... to propel regional and global solutions partnerships. Get involved today!


Expert Intuitive Urban Analysis

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Solutions Partnership

❖ State and county officials obligated to the regional oversight mandate.

University educators and researchers dedicated to new lines of inquiry.

Technical innovators and urban strategists.

Native American Indian tribal councils and environmental protectors.

Public interest and non-profits committed to peacemaking, equality and justice.


Cooperative Workspace

Washington State ~ County Initiatives

❖ New Knowledge Generation

❖ Capacity Building & Allocation

❖ Expert Intuitive Urban Analysis

Sourcing opportunity to aggregate empirical data for capacity utilization at state level. Supports fiscal gatekeeper, media narrative, town-hall constituency, and a myriad program spectrum. Enrichment perspectives on governance strategic planning, operations, ethics, resource forecasting, allocation and needs-solutions alignment.


Education Fund

Public Institution ~ B2B Corporate ~501c3

❖ Action Research Practicum

❖ Internship Placement

❖ Governance Board Advisory

Direct engagement in unique action research practicum, effective internship placement, community of practice networking, and board director advisory. Supports community development relevance and fortifies existing and new frameworks for revenue modeling, trend analysis, and innovations across solutions partnerships.


Student ~ Grassroots ~ Professional

❖ Social Impact Entrepreneurship

❖ Civic Development Engagement

❖ Project Networking Opportunity

Project impact visibility means allocation and utilization. Choose where you fit within 18 urban impact categories. Public training, capacity building, project mentoring, and more. Give voice to 21st Century transformational leadership as deep ecology. Amplify greater credibility in artistic and other authorship, and civic demonstration with the heart of excellence. Our annual award means deserving recognition among peers and statewide-regional-national supporters.


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